URGENT ACTION: Don’t let the violence and people's blood flowing in Poso land

Dear Colleague,

We need your help today to stop the hydropower project of PLTA Poso 2, at the sulewana river, and construction of channel high voltage electiric towers and network (SUTET), and state violence, without any protection and respect for community rights.

Since April 2005, PT.Hadji Kalla and PT Bukaka Hydropower Engineering & Consulting Company (Jakarta), companies owned by M. Jusuf Kalla (Vice President RI from 2004 to 2009, see: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Jusuf_Kalla), have been taking away people’s land and garden around the Sulewana river, at Sulewana village, Poso, Central Sulawesi. The land is taken to build a mega dam project and hydroelectric power project of PLTA Poso 2 with a capacity of 180 MW of 740 MW planned. There are about 2,000 peoples live in Sulewana village will be affected directly and indirectly from the mega project.
The company also grabs resident's yard and garden for the construction of channel high voltage electric towers and network or SUTET of 500 KVA voltage from Sulewana to Mangkutana as far as 136 kilometers, past dozens of villages in the area of Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi.

Companies and governments have never involved and seek agreement from the community from the planning and implementation of this project. Productive lands, forests and river source of community life are taken by force and loss was compensated by Rp. 3,000 per square meter (equal to the price of a pound of rice). The project violates people's basic rights, the rights of economic, social and cultural community, not carry out the principle of FPIC (Free, Prior Informed Consent). Military and police officers repressed and intimidated the people, and undermining people.

On March 2, 2011, military and local police have committed violence against people from Peura Village (Poso) who protested because their rights and their land were taken forcibly to give way for the construction of SUTET’s towers and network in their area. The officers take side and protect the interests of the company and launch intimidation and violence against women and the elderly watched by their children. (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmQ_oPB8Gec)

Act now:
By pronouncing your opinion and your standpoint that this project has violated the basic rights of community and has threatened the environment. The project must be stopped until there is a certainty of protection and respect over people's rights, without any involvement of security forces and the certainty of environmental impact.

Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible:

Calling on the Indonesia Goverment and Major of Poso District Goverment, in the name of humanitarianism and justice, to comply with the regulation of human rights and environmental right, to severely punish the security forces involved in violence actions against citizens, and to work to ensure fair, safe and best outcomes for the local community.

Thank you.

Send your letter and short message service to:

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: Gedung Bina Graha Lt. 2, Jl. Veteran No. 16, Jakarta Pusat

House of Representative the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI):
Gedung DPR RI Nusantara III, Lantai 4, Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta 10270
Phone + 62 (021) 5715330, 5715334, 5715424, 5715335
Fax + 62 (021) 5736971

Chief of Commision I DPR RI: Drs. MAHFUDZ SIDDIQ, Msi.
Email: set_komisi1@dpr.go.id
Phone: + 62 (021) 5715518, 021-5715581, 021-5715520 Fax: + 62 (021) 5715523

Email: set_komisi2@dpr.go.id
Phone: + 62 (021) 571552, 021-5715524, 021-571526
Fax: + 62 (021) 5715493

Email: set_komisi3@dpr.go.id. Phone: + 62 (021) 5715566, 021-5715569, 021-5715864
Fax: + 62 (021) 5715566

National Police Chief:
Gen. (Pol) Timur Pradopo
Jl. Trunojoyo No. 3, Jakarta Selatan.
Fax: + 62 (021) 7220669

Central Sulawesi Governor Bandjela Paliudju:
Jl. Dr. Samratulangi No. 101, Palu,
Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia (94111)
Phone + 62 (0451) 451311, + 62 (0451) 423567, Fax + 62 (0451) 423612

Poso Regent Piet Inkiriwang:
Jl. Pulau Sumba No. 1, Poso,
Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Phone + 62 (0452) 21888

Police Chief of Central Culawesi Province:
Jl. Samratulangi N0. 78, Palu,
Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Phone + 62 (0451) 455151

Police Chief of Tentena Sector (mobile phone): 081341172100
Police Chief of Detective and Criminal Poso District (mobile phone): 081341189456

Contact Person (Lian Gogali: facebook.com/lian.gogali),:
Front Perjuangan Rakyat
d/a.Institut MOSINTUWU
Jl.Watumpoga'a No. 13, Pamona,
Pamona puselembah, Kabupaten Poso, email:mosintuwu@gmail.com

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