Imagine Life Without Books

Dear  Friends

Can you imagine your life without books?

I'm writing to ask you for your help with an initiative that is very important to me. Right now, my organization is entered in a competition, "SunSuper Dreams" to win a grant for one of our projects -Project Sophia. In order to win, we just have to gather the most votes for our "dream." Thus, this is a really easy way for people to support something great -perhaps easiest in that it doesn't require anyone to donate any money. The hard part is accessing enough people to support our project.

We are raising 'clicks' (which will in turn raise funds!) for a mobile library that brings books to kids in remote villages of Poso Indonesia that has suffered sectarian violence in the recent past.

We have already nominated the library, all you have to do to help us is take 30 seconds of your time to donate your 'click' and vote for us online, before 30th June. The steps are pretty simple:

1.    go to SUN SUPER DREAM - PROJECT SOPHIA     click the 'vote' button
2.   enter your name, e-mail address, and the numbers/letters you see (this is to prevent spam)
      an e-mail will be automatically sent to you,
3.   check your e-mailbox
4.   open the e-mail from SunSuper and click the link in that e-mail.
The video:


Project Sophia is a children's mobile library that I started to respond to a problem I have witnessed in our community as a result of the conflict here. Many children's childhoods were disrupted by violence, and the younger children are being raised in a culture that is still full of fear and tension. I witness children playing "war" with each other and propagating their prospective religious stereotypes about each other. So I decided to start Project Sophia -a children's mobile library -to not only bring access to books to children in our rural villages, but to provide a safe place for children from all religions and cultural backgrounds to come together and dialogue. Right now, Project Sophia is operating in 17 villages. Winning this competition would allow us to expand the program further. We not only have local women working on the program, but volunteers, both locally and internationally, are increasingly contacting me to offer their support -either verbally, financially, or to come and volunteer for the program. I really believe Project Sophia has the capacity to become a force of peace and change in Indonesia not only for children, but for the young Indonesians who are coming to volunteer and be active in their community. That, and, it is allowing children from rural villages to connect to a global community of support.

If you could possibly send this to the right people in your network, and perhaps pass it along to your friends  (and of course vote yourself!) I would be eternally grateful. You will add a significant contribution to our international campaign to gather "clicks" to bring books and peace to children in Central Sulawesi.

Thank you so much,


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